What is an ephemeral environment?

An ephemeral environment is a short-lived, isolated deployment of an application. Ephemeral environments provide robust, on-demand platforms for running tests, previewing features, and collaborating asynchronously across teams.

Ephemeral Environments 101

These guides will walk you through the process of preparing your organization for ephemeral environments. They cover FAQs, useful features, and common challenges that come into play when getting started with environments.

Share environments across teams for a faster dev cycle

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Keep your releases stable with a CI/CD pipeline and user testing

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Best practices for keeping your environments safe and secure

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Keep your product up-to-date with every new code change

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Cut costs with environments that scale to your needs

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Dodge blocks with environments that operate independently

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Ephemeral environments and DORA

Ephemeral environments and DORA

How do ephemeral environments impact each of the four key DORA Metrics? Learn how and why ephemeral environments affect lead time, deployment frequency, change fail percentage, and failed deployment recovery time.

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About EphemeralEnvironments.io

This resource is for developers, product, and QA teams who build cloud products. This information is sourced from interviews with DevOps practitioners and members from large organizations who use ephemeral environments to optimize their workflow.

Who it’s for

EphemeralEnvironments.io is for organizations who want to begin using ephemeral environments, or who are at the early stages of implementation.

What it is

We offer a series of guides to assist your team with implementing ephemeral environments from the ground up, and any steps or features that may be involved.

Who we are

We're engineers at Shipyard, a company that helps you and your team use ephemeral environments. We build our product entirely using ephemeral environments and are big advocates for the productivity and convenience delivered by these automated staging environments.

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